Our Values



At CSS our supervisors are wellsite leaders first. We only recruit supervisors who understand that this is not a job that can be done from a distance. Everything from documentation, to safety leadership, to simply managing the operations require a supervisor to be present and engaged in the operations. 



We have extensive experience in all facets of our industry. From wireline workovers and rod pump changes, to the most technical multi-well frac program, we have a supervisor well suited to your needs. Regardless of the size or scope of the job our supervisors are the height of professionalism and preparation.  



We understand that in today's industry reporting requires a focus on data. Engineers need as much data as possible to make the right calls, and the regulators need to see thorough reporting. With CSS supervisors no detail is too small. No fishneck, no diameter, no minute detail goes undocumented.   

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Our Founder


For over 40 years Alan Clark was known throughout Alberta's oil and gas industry as a leader in safety, professionalism, and hard work. Though his absence is felt greatly in our business and the industry, his values of integrity and flawless execution are at the core of who we are.